Watch as Toddler makes everyone laugh by trying to breastfeed a baby & 5 other adorable and cute baby videos of the day

These kid and baby videos are what you need see right now if you are looking for something that will add beauty to your day, make you smile from ear to ear, induce joy into your life or make your day.

These incredibly cute and adorable kid and baby videos will make you go aww over and over again. You wont be able to get enough of the cuteness and adorableness from these videos.

The videos that was deemed worthy to be included in FunGagger’s cute and adorable kid & baby videos of the day are as follows;

1. Cute and adorable funny toddler makes everyone laugh by trying to breastfeed a baby

She isn’t just cute and funny she is also thoughtful and definitely going to be a great mother in future that’s if she decided to have kids as an adult and by then this video might become a little bit weird. But for now let’s appreciate how adorably funny she is.

2. Adorable little girl defend big sister from her mother while she was scolding her.

Everyone deserve a hero like this cute little girl to stand up for us when we can’t standup for ourselves and to of course help people like me say “No”.

3. Watch funny little girl apply eyeliner in front of her mom.

Am I the only one who noticed how funny it is for a baby who doesn’t know what an eyeliner is but somehow know how it’s applied?

what do you think about her eyeliner? Cute right?

4. Toddler mimics Irish street dancer

You can say all the Scotish, English and Irish joke in the world, but this right here, is a delightful mixture of adorableness and artistry and I am hoping it made you happy now and for the rest of the day.

5. Watch how adorable and invincible this baby look as he flex muscles with dad.

Every male human like to flex their muscles at the bathroom mirror once in a while for reason I do not yet know.

If he doesn’t poop in his pants after all this then it’s safe to that this kid might grow up to be a fine body builder some day. Vikings will be proud of this kid

6. A baby and a Puppy

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, cuter than a baby and a puppy video.

That’s the end of our adorable and kids video of the day, I hope these videos have put some beauty into your life and made your day.

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