Watch as dog get head-butted several times by his brother for lying and 5 other funny Dog videos of the day

These incredible funny dog videos are what you need to see right for a really good laugh. In today’s list of dog videos of the day, you are going to see dogs doing very Hilarious things that FunGagger guarantees to make you laugh.

In our list of funny dog videos are the following incredibly funny video clip that were hosted on youtube

1. Dog get head-butted several times by his brother for lying.

This video was recorded by a Chinese in china, that’s why it’s in Mandarin and originally posted to TIkTOK but somehow, this video found it way to youtube.

I am going to explain what just happened because I know you are probably wondering what the hell is going on, The owner came home and saw that one of the dogs have damaged their toy by chewing through it, so he decided to ask them who did it, knowing fully well that the small dog did it.

On asking, the other dog pointed at the right culprit which was the little dog, but the other one wanted to protect the little dog from any scolding the owner might dish out so she lied that it was her brother that did it and got head- butted several times for lying.

2. Watch how this funny and quick thinking Dog hide it was digging holes at the backyard when it owner tried to burst him.

This is really quick and intelligent thinking, This Dog is definitely going to get away with any crime.

Owner: Hey, what are you doing?

Dog: Nothing, just laying in the dirt, basking in the sun and definitely not digging holes in the ground.

3. Watch this dog practice his mean and vicious face on the Mirror.

Well, they say; practice make one perfect.😂😂

4. Watch this Dog reactions whenever the owner say cheese

I hope and pray that someone somewhere get excited whenever my name is mentioned like this Dog is excited about the mention of “Cheese”.

5. Watch as owner gives dog imaginary treats just to find out how long it will take her dog to realised it.

The imaginary treat must be really delicious that this doggo just couldn’t get enough of.

This video shows what it is like to feed people with lies over and over again.

6. Watch as this very talented Dog beats his owner at Volleyball.

That concludes our funny dog videos of the day, I hope you enjoyed every single one of these videos and they made youlaugh just as I promised in the beginning?

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