10 of the funniest videos on the internet today that will definitely make you laugh.

If you are looking for a good laugh then see these 10 short and extremely funny clips.

They are the funniest 10 videos in the whole wide web for today, 2nd of February 2021, that have been curated by me to make you laugh as hard as you can and add fun, laugher and comic relief to your day and I am pretty confident that they are going to do just that.

Most of the videos are from Imgur and the message board of reddit so don’t forget to turn on the sound for imgur videos and watch video of reddit on full screen for maximum viewing experience.

So without waisting anymore time talking about how funny these videos are and where they are from, l think you should just see them for yourself and I hope they bring you as much laughter and comic relief as they brought me.

The 10 short funny video clips that made the list of the funniest videos of the day today the 2nd of Feb 2021, in no particular order are as follows:

Kid took his dad words literally:

We all know that kids as in human young not ‘ kid’ as in a baby goat are not the wisest since they don’t have much experience of the world like us adults. That’s why this cute toddler took his dad words literally when he was told to get the water he wanted to drink with his own hands. Trust me,what you are about to see right now will definitely make you laugh.

thats should be one of the the cutest and funniest videos you have seen so far today.

Cute and completely hilarous and that’s why it’s part of the clips that made it into The funniest videos of the day.

Funny dog want to remain outside:

We have seen very dramatic dog do different hilarous things and pull amazing acting worthy of an oscar just to avoid doing something they don’t like or simply to keep doing something they like, but this dog definitely need someone to school it on how to hide properly and stay hidden. Don’t forget to see on full screen if you can view every part of the video and turn on the sound for best video watching experience

She is definitely not fooling anyone with her disappearing and appearing skills.

This woman was busy making dance videos and didn’t notice that there was a military coup d’etat going on right behind her in Myanmar and it was all caught in video:

watch with sound on

I thnk this is proof that life can happen around us and we might not notice. Thank God it was all caught on camera for us to see and enjoy.

🤦‍♂️ as people give out their password on camera:

Incase you are wondering how hackers and creeps are able to steal our data and password then you need to think no further and watch this video where the primary users on the internet by that I mean generation that breathes, eats and sleep on the internet stupidly gave their password away in front of a camera. I know that’s a stupid thing for them to do but that’s what makes it really funny. Watch with sound on

yeah, all that really happened right in front of a camera.

Cat falling asleep in a really cute and funny way:

When nature’s calls everyone, we must answer and obey, I mean literally everyone include every very cute and adorable cat in the world have to answer but not as funny as this little buddy did. Turn on full screen if you can’t view every part of this video.

Little one is already in dreamland chasing all the rats, birds and bunnies.

The next Beethoven is a horse

You think you are talented? Trust me you are no where as talented as this horse playing a piano with his nose. Yes! With his nose. Now you are realised you are not as cool or near talented as this horse in this video.

Watch with the sound on and you will realize that this horse is beethoven recanate


I only have one question, what in all the Earth, heavens and hell is panarama?

I guess her mind was so blown away by this low grade science she totally forgot about how to pronounce pandemic.

Traditional levant men dance.

dabke is a dance that is common with the middle eastern people and it has been around for quite some time and I am certain you will agree with me that it is fun to watch and uplift ones mood.

Always see reddit videos in full screen.

dog making a no snoring deal with his human:

It’s not very soothing to hear others snore while we try to sleep that’s why this guy decision to make a no snoring deal with his dog is understandable but the dog response to the deal is completely hilarous and will shock you.

he nodded and shook his hands😂😭🥺

A perfect illusions of a fake internet celebrities.

We all love and want to be a celebrity online and both offline and that’s okay, everyone one wants to be adored and admired. But what about those fake celeb on social media? Watch this videos and you gonna laugh.

That’s all on the 10 funniest videos on the internet today. I hope you enjoyed this videos and laughed when seeing them? If you did, then don’t just see them alone, share with your friends, family, contacts and followers on facebook, twitter, whatapp and any other social media and make them laugh too. Thanks