7 amazing videos that you need to see today.

I made a list of videos that will completely amaze you and I am more than confident that you are going to enjoy them, some of this videos are from youtube

I decided to tittle it 7 amazing videos that you need to see today.

Some of this videos are so astonishing, incredible, fun and mildly funny and they are all for your viewing pleasure and to keep you entertained.

I searched far and wide to bring you this astonishing videos collection today.

The 7 amazing videos that made it into today must see amazing videos for today in no particular order are as follows:

Cute Dog skating on a board.

Dogs are very amazing and intelligent animals.

And they are known to be man’s best friends since thousands of years.

Not only are dogs amazing and intelligent, they are cute, incredibly loyal and talented too.

In this video clip you are going to see a really cute pocket sizes dog skating on the street while it’s human record the incredible act with a camera for us all to see and enjoy.

So I am just going to let you see this video, enjoy it and be amaze at what this talented Dog can do

That’s pretty cool and amazing huh?

Less than two years old Toddler doing a perfect backflip.

How acrobatics are you right now?

How acrobatic were you as a child?

The questions above is what you need to ask yourself before you see this amazing video.

That tittle above is not ckickbait, Trust me that’s exactly what you are going to see in this video so prepare yourself to be amaze.

even the coolest among us right now was no we’re as cool as that.

We shouldn’t be surprised if this toddler ends up an olympic champion in the future.

The weirdest laugh in the world.

Are good or bad do you laugh sound?

Is your laugh capable of making other laugh?

Or is it one of those that will make everyone stop laughing immiediately they hear you laughing?

What you about to see and hear might be the weirdest person laughter sound in the whole world so brace yourself.

now that you have heard and seen it for yourself do you think I might be wrong or exaggerating or you now agree with me?

Korean weight lifting team jump box.

This is completely amazing to watching.

That’s while it is included in today most amazing videos for you to see.

Korean weight lifting team jumping box will amaze you today.

You see how amazing they are?

You see how easy they make it look?

Do you think you can do this?

Please do not try this at home, I honestly don’t want to get sued by anyone.

Guy with double prosthetic leg motivating a toddler learning how to work with prosthetic.

This is the most beautiful and at the same time amazing video clip on our list today.

This guy went through a lot when he lost both his legs and have decided to make it is life mission to help others like him to make the best out of their new reality and I think he is doing a really amazing job with that kid in the video.

I honestly believe that this guy also deserve to be in our most amazing humans of the day and this clip in our most wholesome and feel good videos of the day.

What Girl did in her final for her sign language class.

This girl performance for her final exams in language class is so amazing that it get to feature in our must see amazing videos for today.

This video clip isn’t just amazing, it is also fun and joyous to watch and guaranteed to put a warm smile on your face as you watch.

See you really do have a warm smile on your face, I am glad you get to enjoy it like I did.

This kid break dance move is completely amazing and heart melting.

This is the most amazing and completely wholesome break dancing move you are going to see today on the world wide web.

I really don’t want to say much so that I don’t give anything away too soon.

Just watch this amazing break dance moves and be completely amaze.

In barney from how I met your mother TV show voice; This is Amazing!

Now that concludes the most amazing videos that you must see today.

I hope you enjoy every single video clip featured on today list and they completely amaze you like we promised at the beginning?

I bet they do just like I was amazed by them when I found them.

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