A baby in India survived being ran over by a train and 7 other must see videos of the day.

You should drop Whatever it is that you are currently doing and come see the jaw dropping videos on our must see videos of the day list.

These eight videos are shocking, unbelievable, incredible,amazing, and of people doing really dumb and stupid things that you are going to find interesting.

Our must see videos of the day list is packed with very exciting and entertaining videos that are worthy of every seconds you are going to spend watching them.

#1. A Baby in India survived being ran over by a Train.

#2. Chinese school girl on the phone swallow by pavement.

This is the first video on our list of must see videos of the day, This video is about a girl that was swallow by a pavement why she was on her way to school in the morning.

In this must see video, you will see a girl distracted by her phone as she walks to school, only for her to step on a weak pavement which gave way to her weight and she fell into a hole underneath it.

Thank God passerby quickly noticed the fall and rushed to save her. This is one good example while you should always mind your surroundings and not bury your head in your phone all the time.

#3. A very Brave or very stupid woman jumped into Tiger enclosure to get her hat.

It is wildly believed that there is a thin line that separates bravery from stupid and I think this second video on our must see video list of the day is a perfect example to illustrate that.

In our second must see video, you will see a lady brave or dumb lady ( depending on your perspective) at zoo, jumping into the Tiger enclosure to get her hat, yes you heard me, her ‘HAT’ not to get her child or anything you can’t buy in the nearest mall.

You shouldn’t try this yourself no matter how important to you your hat is or whatever fell into a wild animal enclosure at the zoo.

Video source; inside edition via youtube.

#4. Troublesome groom’s mother objects and causes confusion at son’s wedding.

The third must see video of the day is a little bit funny and sad at the same time, no one should go through this at their wedding.

In this must see video, you will two lovely couples exchanging their wedding vows in the presences of a priest, friends and family and all of a sudden, the groom’s mother got offended and started making a scene because the bride said the groom has flaws in her vow and soon to be mother inlaw won’t take it from her because she is the one paying of the wedding.

#5. Fishing dog catches a really big cat fish

I really like fishing, although I suck at it, that’s why I really need this golden retriever or a dog like this as a fishing buddy.

#6. Video showing how a really smart cat escaped from being kidnapped by a teenager girl.

Just imagine being in jail and when your fellow immates asks you what are you in here for, you say you are in jail for trying and failing to kidnapped a cat.

That’s exactly what this teenager in our sixth video on our must see videos of the day will be telling her fellow immates.

In this must see video, you see a teenager who could adopt any stray cat on the street or simply walk into any shelter and walk out with any cat of her choice but instead tried to kidnapped someone else cat.

You will also see how the cat outwitted it kidnappers and returned back to the front porch.

#7. Woman woke up from sleep only to find herself trapped in an empty plane.

In the seventh video on our must see videos of the day list, you will watch a mildly scary story of how a woman woke up from sleep to see that her flight has landed and everyone has alighted from the plane without waking her up.

Thanks to her friend whom she texted just before her phone died, no one would have known she was still in there.

#8. This is the fastest turtle you have and most likely will ever see.

This Turtle is not like your ordinary Turtle, it’s probably the flash of the Turtle world and I boldly say it’s the fastest Turtle you have ever seen.

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