Unbelievable love story between a dog and his favorite rock & 6 other wholesome videos of the day that you need to see right now.

feeling down or low? Don’t worry we got you covered. This 7 wholesome videos of the day will uplift your mood no matter how you currently feel, warm your heart and put a really big warm smile on your face today.

This really wholesome video clips were carefully curated just for you and they are the most wholesome videos on the internet right now.

you know we always share the best video clips on the internet everyday your viewing pleasure and this is the most feel good video clips that are out there on the internet for the day.

Without anymore delays here are the most wholesome videos on the internet today;

Little girl told by doctors that she may never walk get to play and walk in snow thanks to a brilliant hack.

It’s really wholesome to see anyone do whatever others think they can’t do and this little girl was told by doctors that she will never be able to walk due to her medical conditions.

But her parents who were heart broken at the time decided to make her live the best life and enjoy every moment and season of her life despite her disability, decided to help her walk and play in the snow like most kids her age like to do.

and this is the brilliant hack they came up with.

I know that made you feel really good because it had the exact same effect on me.

Unbelievable love story between a dog and his favorite rock.

We all are suckers for love stories that why romeo and juliet and the titanic are one of the greatest stories ever told.

This incredibly cute dog have a favorite stone that it likes to play and do everything with.

He sometimes even ride its favorite stone like a skate board and when his mom try substitute the stone for a skateboard he refuses.

Then one day the stone broke into two and the dog became heart broken.

his mom decided to get him a variety of other stones for him to pick from but he kept chosing his broken stone so the mom decided to help him fix it and this dog adorably wait patiently while his favorite stone was being fix and that made this really wholesome video adorable to watch.

if this love story between this dog and his favorite stone doesn’t change how you feel right now and make your day, then you need to a really long sleep and see the video again when you wake.

Two foxes playing on a trampoline.

A little something to make you smile.

Watch this adorably cute foxes bouncing on a trampoline will definitely make you smile

A little addon just to make you smile as you see this videos 😊😁

Forest ranger crying as he says final goodbye to his dead elephant friend.

It’s always sad and heart breaking to say goodbye to something you care about talkless of saying final goodbye to a dead long time friend.

in this video you will see an emotional forest ranger giving a teary goodbye to his long time elephant friend who just pass away and it is going to melt your heart and restore your faith in humanity almost completely.

I am not crying, something got stuck in my eyes that’s why my eyes are just watery.

Adorable and cute flower girl scream hi mom and stopped mid aisle to say hi to dad.

This videos Is a perfect blend of funny, aww and wholesomeness.

In this video you will see a little flower girl matching down the aisle and when she sees her mother she screams ‘hi’ mom and everyone in the wedding venue roared in laughter

As if that’s not enough, this cute flower girl saw her dad and went to say hi to him too mid way down the aisle.

Isn’t she cute and adorably funny?

Deaf girl try to guess what random every day noise sound like.

Incase you are wondering what people who are born deaf thinks random everyday noise sounds like then you need to see this really wholesome video to find out.

In this video you will see a girl born deaf trying to guess the everyday noise made by random things around us sound like.

Trust me, this video is really going to make your day.

This wonder mum helps her son with cerebral palsy actualize his skate boarding dreams.

because you are born different from the rest doesn’t really make you disable.

This super awesome mom is helping her son with cerebral live out his skate boarding dreams and it’s totally wholesome.

In this video you will see the son with cerebral palsy skate boarding thanks to the support the mom build for him.

She truly is one of the best mom ever.

That concludes the most wholesome videos of the day.

I really hope these video clips made your day and put a smile on your face.

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