Grandpa saves Granddaughter after sea lion bit her in the ass and dragged her into the water & 6 other super amazing videos of the day.

Prepare to be amazed. This 7 amazing videos of the day will bewilder you for a really long time.

FunGagger went searching for the most recent and amazing videos out there on the internet. We search everywhere high and low, big and small, from youtube to facebook, twitter , instagram, reddit and imgur to bring you these amazing, and incredible seven videos on our list of AMAZING VIDEOS OF THE DAY. Make sure to bookmark our website or subscribe to our browser notification because we post funny, cute and Amazing videos like these everyday.

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So without keeping you on more suspense, here are the seven videos FunGagger deemed worthy to be in our amazing videos of the day list;

Amazing Grandpa Saves Granddaughter Bitten By a Sea Lion In The Ass And Dragged Into The Water.

This video shows a six year old girl being dragged into the water by a 700 pound seal lion in Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf, Richmond B.C. Canada and immiediately followed and chased by a man fully dressed.

Large condor bird visiting man who saved it life and nurse it back to health.

We all can learn a thing or two about kindness and gratitude from the first video on the list of amazing videos of the day.

In this video you will see a giant Condor bird visiting a man and giving him hugs by spreading it wings as sign of gratitude for the kindness the man showed to the bird in the past.

This kind man found an injured giant condor bird and instead of leaving it there to die from its injuries, he decided to help the bird by treating it injuries and taking good care of it till it has fully recovered and since then the bird comes to visit the man regularly to show gratitude.

Amazing and daring rescue of dog trap with leopard in the toilet.

The second video on our list show something really remarkable that’s has gone viral on the internet.

It’s show a dog that was chased and trapped in the toilet by a wild leopard being rescued.

The daring and amazing rescue was carried out by Karnataka forest department.

The owner of the property where the leopard and dog were trapped for hours, saw the leopard chase the stray dog into the restroom and he quickly bolted the door and called the forest department for help and despite all effort to capture the leopard and return it to the wild were it belong the leopard still broke free and ran away.

Remarkable moment Myanmar police join protester as they were being shot with water gun.

The third video on our list of seven amazing videos of the day, is about the issues going on in Myanmar.

This is the second video about Myammar to be featured on our list.

The first was about a lady dancing while soldiers were going to overtrone the government and she was blissfully ignorant about it.

In this video, you will see the amazing moment some police man get fed up of suppressing protesters with water gun and decided to join the protest since they were protesting for a just a righteous cause.

Sometimes the right thing might be the most difficult thing to do but it is always the best thing anyone can do.

Guy build human size pyramid out of snow.

next video on our list is a fun one of sought, it is about a guy who build a pyramid as tall as an average human using snow.

His fit might not be deemed worth enough to be included in the wonders of the world list but it is amazing enough to be included in FunGagger’s amazing video of the day.

Guy kicks ball into hoops after many attempt.

You might have mad basketball skills, I don’t think you have ever tried to play basketball with your feet like this guy on this video.

This is the fifth amazing video to make it into our list of seven amazing videos of the day.

this video, you will see a guy trying to shoot hoops with his feet and preserve through his failures until he finally gets it.

Bird singing mickey mouse steam boat willie.

This is the most animal video on our list today. In this video you are going to see a bird whistling mickey mouse steamboat willie and it is incredibly amazing.

That’s concludes our Amazing videos list of the day. I hope you amazed by every single one of this videos, for more uplifting and funny videos of the day check out FunGagger’s homepage here

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