5 Extremely wholesome videos of the day

These 5 Extremely wholesome videos of the day are what you need to see right now. So stop whatever it is that you are doing right now and come see these Extremely wholesome videos that have been careful curated by yours truly to make you feel good and restore your faith on humanity today.

This videos are the best feel good videos out there on the world wide web today, and they are going to fill you with hope and restore your faith in humanity in a way.

#1. Brazilian mom shave her hair off completely to support her daughter going through chemo.

This is the first wholesome video at of five videos on our list of Extremely wholesome videos of the day.

In this video you are going to see a mom shaving her daughter hair who is going through chemo and all of a sudden started shaving off her own as a show of support for her daughter. Her daughter couldn’t hold in her emotions when she realized what are mom was doing to support her and she immiediately started crying.

This video is so emotional and wholesome and you really need to see it for yourself.

Mom are truly the best. I know you are just as touched as I was when I saw this video.

#2. Generous and caring Little Girl share her food with a Homeless Man outside the Restaurant.

This is the second video on the list of our Extremely wholesome videos of the day.

In this video you are truly going to witness the innocent, generousity and compassionateness of a little girl to a homeless man.

The little girl was in a restaurant with her Dad and Mom eating when she saw a homeless man and decided to give her food to him and it’s absolutely wholesome.

I hope we can all learn a thing or two about generousity and compassion from this little girl today.

#3. Celebrity chef and top chef judge Gordon Ramsay uplifting description of pie made by a blind chef name Christine who is a competitor on the show, after she was doubting her pie making skills and herself.

This is the third video out of seven videos that made it on our list of the Extremely wholesome videos of the day.

This is the most uplifting videos you will see today.

In this video, you will see chef Gordon Ramsey a celebrity chef, describe a pie made by a blind chef in the most beautiful way after she say she thinks the pie looks like a pie of rubbish.

this video teaches us not to ever doubt ourselves in anything we do.

Thumbs up to Gordon Ramsay, some of us honestly believed he was

#4. Hero teacher makes 1000 desk for remote learning students.

This is the fourth wholesome video out of five videos that got into our list of Extremely wholesome videos of the day.

In this video, you will see the good deed done by a school teacher.

Nate Evans is a 7th grade teacher in Ankeny, Iowa. He discovered that most students don’t have a desk at home to use for remote learning and he decided to do something about it by putting his wood making skills in good use and make some desk for the kids and words got out and other people decided to volunteer themselves and donate money and materials in support of his plan and together they ended up making almost 1000 desk and each desk cost around $25 to $50 dollars each.

#5. Pizza delivery guy who just lost his daughter get hug from a toddler whose house he made a delivery to.

This is the last wholesome video on how list of Extremely wholesome videos of the day.

In this video, you will see a little boy name Cohen surprisingly giving a hug to the pizza delivery guy called Ryan.

The even was caught on camera by his mom and shared on instagram and the video instantly went viral only for her to hear from Ryan that the high from the little boy meant a lot to him and he revealed that he just lost his little girl recently and currently going through a lot as he is still mourning her.

Morals of this story is we should always be nice to everyone including strangers because we don’t know what they are going through.

That’s the end of our Extremely wholesome videos of the day.

I hope you enjoy these 5 Extremely wholesome videos of the day, if you do kindly share this post with your friends, family, contacts and followers on facebook, twitter, whatapp and via text.