Deaf baby hears mom voice for the first time and 9 other adorable and funny kid and baby videos of the day

This incredibly funny and cute baby videos are must see if you are looking for a good laugh.

If you are looking for a really good blend of funny and adorable videos, then you should definitely see this 10 funniest and adorable baby video clips and I can assure you that they will make you laugh and add cuteness to your day.

I really hope you enjoy watching these ten video clips and they bring you laughter and cuteness to your day.

Without wasting much time here are the ten cutest and funny babies videos that I have compiled for your viewing pleasure.

Deaf baby hears mom for the first time.

In this very adorable and heart melting video clip you will see the very first time a baby born deaf was able to hear her mothers voice using hearing aides for the first time and her beautiful emotional response to it.

This very emotional and adorable moment will melt your heart and fill you with joy.

Little girl is upset that her dad says she can’t and doesn’t have a boyfriend.

This video is so adorable and funny.

Little girl with an imaginary boyfriend name jared get upset and started crying when her dad told her she doesn’t have a boyfriend and can’t have one until she is like 50 years old.

common, little girls dad, Jared might be a really good and incredible guy.

And don’t you think 50 years is a little too much?

I mean if her mom started dating at 50 only God knows who you would have married.

Little girl can’t say Ice cream.

I am pretty sure that ice cream is the most common thing children say.

I like Ice cream so much it was my first and only words for a while as a child.

You would be laugh and rolling on the floor when you hear what this little girl says in place of ice cream in this video clip.

Well because you can’t say a thing doesn’t really mean you don’t like and enjoy eating them.

This kid laughter is contagious.

You really need to see this little bundle of joy and laughter.

This kid is definitely what I wanna be when I grow up and that’s HAPPY.

This happy kid in class have all the joy in the world and I am hoping that some of it will rub off on you today.

The little fella in red is also great too.

I hope the laughter and joy rubed off on you today.

Sweet bro help little sister out of her cradle at night.

This guy deserves to be giving the sweetest brother ever.

In this video clip you will see a really sweet and thoughtful brother help his little sister get out of the cradle at night and allow her sleep in his bed.

Just watch this adorably sweet video clip and see for yourself.

The sweetness, grace and thoughtfulness of the sweet lad is amazing.

This little boy is always excited to see his dad.

Every kid hero is his dad at least to a point and that’s if the dad is not an absentee father and till the kid becomes a teenage jerk.

But for now let’s enjoy this little and adorable kid get really excited and happy whenever his dad returns home.

This video is so cute to watch, that’s why I thought it will be a really great addition to the funniest and adorable videos of the day.

Cute eh?

Cute Baby dancing.

I just feel you need to see this really adorable baby today.

baby laughing during a hair cut.

I have always wondered why babies cry when getting a haircut and I still haven’t been able to figure it out since and now I have to wonder why this baby is laughing while having a haircut.

The laughter and happiness of the cute baby during his hair cut is pure gold and I am hoping while I keep trying to figure out why the kid is laughing some of the laughter and happiness is radiated into your life today.

Isn’t that so cute and joyous?

Little girl blames her brother for eating chocolate despite the evidence shows that she did it .

This little girl was caught with a mountain of evidence that suggested that she ate the chocolate but she still play innocent and accuse her brother of eating the chocolate with a really straight and convincing face.

Maybe her brother ate the chocolate and she ate her brother.

Oops that was too dark.

It’s best I just stop writing and let you guys enjoy the really cute and funny video clip.

Adorable innocent baby mistake man for Santa.

This is funny and the girl’s innocence makes it really adorable.

Imagine kids mistaking you as santa claus.

That’s what this white bearded man life is like and trust me it is cute and funny to watch.

This concludes our funniest and adorable baby videos for the day.

I hope you enjoy these funny and adorable video clips as much as I enjoyed discovering and sharing them with you today.

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